Considering the business profile of the clients I have served as a lawyer during my career, I have become highly specialized in general commercial law and competition law, with a particular focus on IT&C law, public procurement and media law. I consider myself a business lawyer but more than this, a business partner for my clients.

Contract drafting and negotiation is an art a lawyer should master in order to successfully close a transaction for the benefit of his client. Customers are not alone on market actors. They need very often interacting with other companies, which often have opposing interests in the same transaction. Therefore, the key to successful negotiation is compromise, but in a smart way, so that the interests of the client are safeguarded. Due to numerous and complex commercial transactions I carried out during time, the clients appreciated my drafting and negotiation skills, as I have always succeeded to reach mutual agreement between opposite parties, while always safeguarding my clients’ interest.

I became really passionate about competition law from my early years when I started practicing law, mainly due to the fact that I was selected to assess few distribution agreements for their compliance with a healthy competition environment and notify such agreements with the Competition Council in view to obtain clearance in respect hereof. Competition law may sound like an abstract notion, but in reality it is a very strict and clear concept and the price that companies may pay for not playing by the rules is high (fines up to 10% of the turnover and other sanctions, including criminal sanctions).