Procurement is an important activity for each company due to the fact that it is usually a prerequisite for the production and/or delivery of company’s output and influences the intermediary and final products in terms of both quality and prices. However, the complexity of the supply chain varies from company to company and becomes more regulated internally in large companies with high market shares and a complex offer.

Upon specific request of my clients, including Telekom, I have been involved in the process of drafting and implementing internal procurement policies and rules as well as standard procurement contracts for the acquisition of various types of goods, services and projects. For the success of this process, I reached to know the business flow in the company, the internal functions which have procurement attributions, as well as the IT systems enabling the effective implementation of procurement processes and contracts. I have also negotiated various and complex procurement contracts of millions of euro, for the acquisition of IT infrastructure, turnkey projects, network equipment or civil works for building up large telecommunications networks.