Public Procurement and EU funds

An important stake of my legal work over the time was linked with the provisioning of legal support and advice to clients in relation to their participation to various public procurement projects. I have been a partner to my clients during the entire procedure by offering constant support in the bidding phase, for the negotiation and signing the public procurement contract but also, during the roll out phase. I managed, from a legal point of view, hundreds of public procurement cases and I faced different challenges. Due to my extensive experience in this field I developed a strong understanding of both private and public law (especially the laws governing public finances and public institutions) which enables compromising and finding common agreement to the benefit of both private and public entities, especially during the tough negotiations of the public procurement final agreements.

I have also advised clients with respect to the obtainment and use of EU funds in accordance with the applicable regulations, insisting on the prevention function so that to avoid the charge of financial corrections and other sanctions. I have also paid a special attention to the obligations of the beneficiaries of such funds to organize special procurement procedures for the acquisition of goods and services necessary for the implementation of the projects financed through EU funds.