Telecommunications and ICT

Due to my 10 year collaboration with Telekom, one of the first ranked providers of telecommunications and ICT solutions in Romania, I became accustomed with all important issues occurring in the business life of an IC&T company. The experience accumulated while providing legal support to Telekom for such a long period of time qualifies me as a lawyer specialized in telecommunications and ICT law, with a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment (legislation for data protection, general telecommunications legal framework, decisions of the national regulator, consumer protection legislation) and of the wholesale (such as interconnection and implementation of MVNO agreements) and retail business of an operator (launch of new products and services, standardizing client agreements in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations). I was involved from the very early stages of the implementation of the two Telekom’s hosting data centers in Bucharest and Brasov by providing continuous legal support and advice.

I offered legal advice and support for the launch by Telekom of its portfolio of ICT services and solutions, including for the implementation and launch of the cloud computing, M2M, SCADA and surveillance solutions.